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What is Rental Data?

Rental Data is the place to go when you want to know anything about rentals. We are not property managers or landlords. Primarily we are a tenant based service and have developed a simple yet extremely powerful tool to help find all the rentals on the market each day by searching hundreds of websites and public resources.

I'm a tenant. What do I get if I sign up for the service?

You get a private webpage to hold all of your personal listings and the use of our Rent Easy Search Tool on a subscription basis. Simply define your personal preferences in each of five criteria: area, size, price, pet preference, and dwelling type and let the listings find you!  Nothing could be simpler. Try the tool to see how it works!

I'm a landlord or property manager. What does Rental Data do for me?

Rental Data is free advertising for landlords and property managers, plus we promote your vacancy to renters who are a perfect fit.  If you have a verifiable property for rent you will not be harassed when posting to our website, plus a link to your posting will automatically display on a tenants webpage if it matches their criteria. Your property's visibility is increased when Rental Data is working. 

Why would I pay Rental Data when I can find rentals on my own for free? HINT

Greater selection.  If you're only searching from time to time, using popular websites you're missing out on hundreds of rentals the Rent Easy Search Tool would find and set aside for you.

Save time... save money. If you're spending hours and days searching for rentals on your own, (or even weeks), using the Rent Easy Search Tool is a sensible option over taking time off work, or out of your busy day.

Less stress.  Of all the things which have to be done, searching for rentals is the most time consuming and frustrating.  With Rental Data on your side, you spend all of your time looking at rentals which meet your needs and talking with landlords who have what you want.  Nothing could be easier. LOOKY HERE

Reliable content.  With Rental Data, all the listings are real, fully addressed and constantly verified unlike large worldwide websites where 40% of ads are missing either the address, dwelling type, rent or bedrooms info. The Rent Easy Search Tool weeds out fake ads and scams.

People power.  With Rental Data, you're not just getting the right tool for the job, you're also getting great customer service backed by over 25 years experience.  We're constantly at work, enhancing content, verifying details and helping you get answers to your questions about rentals.  We personalize the process.

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